Tenants guide

Referencing Procedure

Renting a home can sometime be complicated, sometimes even a frustrating experience, particularly if you are unsure of the process. To help make the experience as straight forward as possible for you, we have outlined the key stages.

Register with Homeseekers

To find your ideal property, we need to know as much as possible about your requirements. This includes your rental budget, the date by which you need to move in, the type and size of property you need, the area and community you want to live in , etc. You can let us know all about your requirements by registering online, by phone or by visiting us at our offices at Makadara Road, Mombasa, Opposite the general Post Office, where a member of staff can assist you.

With a clear understanding of your requirements, we will then be able to access all properties that match your criteria.

When you have registered, details of properties can be sent to you by Email or Post.

Property Viewings

Viewings can be arranged and conducted between 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Saturday, 10.00 am - 4.00pm Sunday. You can book a viewing online via our Website, www.homeseekers.co.ke, or by phone.

We usually accompany customers and conduct all property viewings. In some cases, a Landlord may give us specific times for viewings, although we do ask them to be as flexible as possible. We normally keep keys and can generally access properties to suit your availability. To save time in the long run, you should try to ensure that anyone likely to participate in the decision making, views the property as well.

After the viewing, we need to know if you have any questions or if you are interested in renting the property. So please allow time to discuss your thoughts with us.

Please be on time for viewings. We will arrange to meet you at the property, or if it is more convenient, at our offices.

Note : In some cases, we might charge a small fee for property viewings.

Making an Offer

If the property is suitable for you, don't delay your offer as it could get secured by someone else on the same day! Don't hesitate, make an offer, and if possible, pay a part of the initial deposit to reserve the property.

Sometimes there may be an opportunity to negotiate the rent. This can be difficult, but by working with us, you'll benefit from our expertise in this area.

Referencing Procedure

As soon as a suitable property has been found, you will need to complete reference application forms and provide the following:

  • National Identity card
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Next of kin/guarantor's identity card
  • KRA PIN Certificate

Holding Deposit

A part payment of the initial security deposit can be paid to act as the holding deposit.This is in order to reserve the property and remove it from our availability list. Should the tenant withdraw from the proposed letting, through no fault of the landlord or the agent, all or a proportion of the 'Holding Deposit' will be retained in order to cover any reasonable costs (which will be outlined in full). None of the Holding Deposit will be retained should the Tenant's withdrawal be due to a breach of the proposed letting agreement by the landlord or Homeseekers Ltd.
The holding deposit shows good faith on the part of a prospective tenant enabling the landlord to take further action in the confident knowledge that the applicant is serious and fully committed to the property:
For example:

  • Cancel any advertising for the letting
  • Tell other applicants that the tenancy has been taken subject to satisfactory references
  • Prepare a tenancy agreement.

Tenancy Agreement

Both the Landlord and tenant/s will be required to sign a tenancy agreement prior to the tenancy commencing, the agreement outlines both tenant and landlord obligations.

Generally, most tenancies run for a period of 1 - 2 years, we will contact you at the end of the tenancy to see whether you wish to renew your agreement for a further period and will liaise with the landlord to organise the documentation. It is important to note that the agreement is made between landlord and tenant, we at Homeseekers, act for the landlord only.

By legal requirement we will issue you with a sample template agreement which we you will be required to read very carefully and understand, should any questions arise regarding this legal document we advise you to seek independent legal advice.


Once a moving in date has been agreed and the initial security deposit and first rent in advance paid in full, the tenancy agreement will be signed by both parties.
The Initial Payments include the following:

  • Security Deposit normally equal to 2 months rent.
  • The first month rent in advance. (rent is worked out per calendar month basis).
  • A non refundable Administration Fee of 3,000/-.

The above funds need to be paid in full before the tenancy is able to commence, payment can be via M-PESA, or paid directly into our bank accounts.Our bank details are mentioned in the tenancy agreement. Homeseekers Ltd does not allow any cash payments.

Repairs and maintenance

If the property is fully managed by Homeseekers Ltd, you don't need to worry about repair and maintenance issues.We have a technical team ready to listen to you and act on the maintenance issue arising.All you need to do is report the matter to us and we will do the rest. A works report will be sent to you for approval before repairs are done.

Notice to vacate/eviction

To terminate the tenancy agreement according to the terms of tenancy, both parties will normally be required to give at least one month notice in writing of such intentions, unless otherwise specified.There is an exemption incase of rent defaulters eviction, where such notice will increase the burden of loss for both parties.

Insurance Cover

The responsibility for your belongings are down to you, you must ensure you have adequate insurance cover for your belongings, the landlord accepts no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to tenants possessions.

Property Evaluation Report

A well-prepared Evaluation assessment report protects landlords and tenants alike, providing an accurate description of the condition and contents of a property at the start of a tenancy.
The condition of the property and its contents at the end of the tenancy is then compared back to this report in the form of a check-out report. The inventory clerk will also provide an opinion on whether any damage that has arisen during the tenancy is attributable to the tenants, to ‘fair wear and tear' or to the landlord as required for maintenance.

Deposit Returns

When your tenancy term ends, the contract can be renewed, or if you wish to vacate the property, an inspection of the property will be carried out by a Homeseekers' evaluation assistant and a check out report submitted.Incase of any repairs, a part of your security deposit will be used to cater for the repairs and repainting of the property

Tenants' obligations

The responsibility for the property lies with the tenant during the term of tenancy, always ensure that the property is fully secured and well taken care of.

Property Inspection

As managing agents for your property, we will carry out quarterly inspections to assess the condition of the property and that everything is being kept in a satisfactory condition. We will always arrange this with you at a mutually convenient time.


It is the tenant's responsibility to inform the utility companies of their occupation of the property at the commencement of the tenancy, and to transfer the accounts into his name.

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